I am a Who too

Recently I have wondered  how  would drivers react if they were to find out one day that shortly the will not be able to drive on 15% of the streets on the county. Would they be more vocal than the riders that saw their service cut by 15% yet did little other but complain about it?

There are, I imagine, a multitude of reasons why transit riders  did not flow on the streets to keep their service even though the number of daily riders is still the in hundreds of thousands range –or at list it were before the cuts. Yet there is one reason keeping us from becoming more visible in our advocacy efforts – Perception. Nowhere in Europe where I went or stayed for while did I have to describe myself as a “non-driver”.  

And does non-driver ring you any bells? “Non-white” or perhaps “not-a- heterosexual”… One that is little, marginal … a Who. Our voices , those several hundred riders that became involved in advocacy work  or at least voiced  our need for transit publicly are faint, yet they need to be heard.

“We are here! We are here! We are here…”
A person’s a person no matter if driving often, seldom 
or not at all.
Horton hears a transit Who 

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