How I became a member of Venture Outdoors

This year I won’t be writing more about hiking and green space when what I wish is to be able to get out in organized outdoor trips more often. This year I get a chance to paddle, hike and bike as a member of Venture Outdoors. First trip: this Saturday on an exciting “Easter Egg Tyke Hike” through Schenley Park with my preschoolers.

And what is cooler –both the membership and the first trip are free. I won them fair and square by leading one of the teams during CORO Solutions Festival on April 9th. A prize I deserved I think for doing the “stay on the topic” drill with my team members. The topic –funding public transportation –was a controversial one and some participants have a tendency to take the longest possible path to the given issue.

Did we find a solution to the transportation funding issue? Not really, but we got some points covered.



Considering the complexity of issues and solutions, my team almost agreed that it will be a good idea to build first a small group of people and organizations with a direct interest in the matter. This group would look to discover resources, convene the stakeholders, identify the root issues and generate a first set of solutions to be brought in front of the stakeholders.

However ,  if we ask me, the problem lays somewhere beyond “the funding issue” and we were all aware of the fact that we did not address Port Authority’s “Legacy Costs”** at all. But more about it , in another post.

*VMT =Vehicle Mileage Tax

** Legagy Costs – Bad financial decisions of previous Port Authotrity management and union contracts closed before 2007.



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