You were caramel cloud

before   they laid you under the ground.

Wedding songs pass over the virgin grave.

                   Fireworks blast.

Your body in pieces  innocent.

Somebody’s young daughter, you were

a girl in the market in a city at war.

somebody’s young sister, you were

a girl in a city at war in the market.

Just lost you were


How many of those who

 you once knew,


blown-up by the embrace of a hate hug

before your body could no longer contain

their deeds, germinating anger seeds?

Your rage blasting body is stopped

 before             you can enter the market

But, there is no turning point for you.

Clung to your sister     innocent.

Two  bodies crumbled in pieces.

Note :  the poem (first edit) was  posted here. 

3 responses to “Innocent

  1. The strikethrough of the ‘young’ is very powerful. Full credit to you. And the coming back to a poem to tweak it, perfect it, is sucha vital part of what we do. Fantastic.

  2. thank you Narnie.
    I need to find more time for editing old stuff and writing … because it’s a good thing to do.

  3. I agree–This is a really powerful poem! The strikethroughs too really effective as well as the spacing (which is really a pain to do on a blog I know!!).

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