Pomegranates and Steel

The Anti-Pomegranate  

In the realm of pomegranate

we are believed to be children

of the mythical fruit. Indeed.

Open it!

You search for the seeds:

embryos in the fleshy womb

the color of blood

to become later fruits of consumption.

But the children from the old myth were not born of the pomegranate. They were born of drought and Demeter’s fury. Children were born of the gods ‘fear of emptiness, they were to suffer in the absence of tithing. Born of destruction…

…and where are now

the invisible children of disaster?

Dark rains (Chernobyl Hiroshima)

Bhopal- deadly gases

The unborn children of the forty millions nine hundred sixty-eight thousands dead ( in the wars of the 20th century).

…another said two hundred millions almost, if one counts all dead in conflicts we haven’t denominated as war …

Never to be born children of mothers jumping of the windows of the Triangle building during the Fire of 1911 because their bosses locked the doors : you shan’t leave here unless you are done or dead.

Not even in the realm of pomegranates

were we safe – where each has a mother, a father

and a heart to hold in front of a just God.

Not even in our washed blue dresses we wear

 as we sow them // our hands guided  by our mothers hands//

at school: Old Order Amish Nickel Mines.

History of Metals (From gold to steel)

Do not fault others. It was me. This is no country

for gullible women.

History (1) : after the days of the may flower the people who found the lands here to be more fertile brought steel pieces by thousands, by sea, to build new cities and Industries.

History (2) : back then, back there…

                   it was decreed that gold and silver are better than steel

                    thus steel, only used for menial pieces, was never awarded full value.

Yet here the lands, amorphous patches of raven earths randomly interrupted
                                                                               by water or mountain or human

were always flowing, never a pattern. Just to contain it’ll be enough trouble ,no fuss about metals
                                                                                      -ships brought in steel by the thousands.

Molten steel molded the land into patterns. It belonged here – a country for steel.


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