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 You were caramel cloud

before   they laid you under the ground.

Wedding songs pass over the virgin grave.

                   Fireworks blast.

Your body in pieces  innocent.

Somebody’s young daughter, you were

a girl in the market in a city at war.

somebody’s young sister, you were

a girl in a city at war in the market.

Just lost you were


How many of those who

 you once knew,


blown-up by the embrace of a hate hug

before your body could no longer contain

their deeds, germinating anger seeds?

Your rage blasting body is stopped

 before             you can enter the market

But, there is no turning point for you.

Clung to your sister     innocent.

Two  bodies crumbled in pieces.

Note :  the poem (first edit) was  posted here. 


Easter Egg Hunt

Spring is finally in Pittsburgh.  And it is here to stay…

How can I tell?

Because  Pittsburgh is the city of rain. Morose, continuous, trickling down your nerves in  the fall and during the wintry weather stretching out through the spring months . Capricious when  spring has settled  and during summer… And the time of capricious rains and thunderstorms is here. So spring must’ve been settling around on the hills.

Do you recall my excitement for the planned Venture Outdoors hiking and egg hunting trip for this Saturday. Well as the end of the week approached the weather people on TV  seemed to come to an agreement, in spite of a sunny Thursday and Friday, Saturday’s weather will  not be inviting anyone to venture outdoors.  You can imagine my disappointment…

I did not want to disappoint the children too. I promised them a fun day this week-end so I offered them one. Just that it was yesterday and it was inside.

South Peter’s Episcopal Church in Brentwood offers one Friday month babysitting service from 6pm to 10.30 pm.The program is run by a church member and fourth grade Pittsburgh Public School teacher Mrs. K. – who is closely supervising a group of high school students :the babysitters.

The babysitters, most in their late teens , most already experienced and some CPR, First Aid certified. Young and full of energy , they will lead the younger children in fund activities whilst keeping a close eye on them.

…and there is always something to do. From crafts – we made Easter cards yesterday and solved number puzzles – to racing balls through hoopla hoops. There are free playtime periods as well as “circle time” where the younger children will improve their social skills and the teens will act as facilitators. I was taught how amazing is  their imagination when we got to choose our round or oval thing and share it with the group. From the most common choices :circle and tire to the most unusual : Oreo cookies and Olives through a thematic group : Earth, Moon and Sun.

The adults had also organized an ad-hoc egg hunt. By the end  we all crashed on couches and chairs in the Y2A classroom.