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cubicled (August 2)

( …in a cubicled land with my man.

My man with his cubicled heart)

You and I were living on the brink to illusion.

Else, all was shadow.



Seguì siendo y seguiendo (1)
The friend the lover’s portrait,
of whom his friend his lover was fondest, (2)

Mon coeur,
comme de la poussière,
se soulevait derrière vos pas. (3)

The darkness smelled of rain of damp grass
and leaves the gray light
drizzling like rain the honeysuckle coming up
in damp waves, (4)

(1) Pablo Neruda – Adioses
(2) Walt Whitman – Recorders Ages Hence
(3)  Gustave Flaubert – L’Education sentimentale
(4) William Faulkner – The sound and the fury / Quentin’s story

The Imperfect-Haiku (2)


Cloak’d by the silver linden

scent I’m gaping memories

of thee. Indulging.


The Imperfect Haiku

First in bloom this spring

white flowered trees. Brides adorned

for  the fruitbearing  seasons.